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I have been needle weaving bracelets galore! I find this a relaxing and meditative activity not in part because every design I do is improvised and therefore completely unique. I invent them as I do them, which means sometimes I have to undo something that really isn’t working or drastically change the concept as I’m working on the bracelet.


“Blues Weave”


“Golden Tangerine”


“Blue on Blue”

This makes it so much fun for me. I never know what’s going to happen or what the piece will look like until it is “finished”. You can be certain that every bracelet is one of a kind.


“Seashore”, “Beaded Bead in Silver” and “Brown Ombre”

You can see in the photo above the ‘Beaded Bead” where I created a tube in circulat peyote stitch and then made a slightly larger and shorter one as a “bead” that was slid onto it. With some added beads onto the silver, smaller tube to prevent the large “bead” from sliding off, I then finished the piece with a beaded chain and loop closure. This was a design that created itself in a way as I had no idea of what it would look like until I had finished it. What a fun process!