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This came about by me doing some free form beaded netting. I decided whatever it was I wanted to do wasn’t going to work so I put it aside. Later I picked it up and said “That’s why I didn’t like it – it’s too 3D”. It was like a little snood.

Well, I like snoods a lot, so how could I not like this? It just wasn’t in the right place at the right time. So I put it in the right place.

The most 3D things I work with are large glass stones. They are simple and pretty when used correctly. Three of them fit perfectly into my netted trap!

I made a backing and attached the stones, then fitted the netting over top.

Three Captive Netted Stones

Three Captive Netted Stones

The backing was posing a bit of a problem, as it didn’t seem that fabric to cover it would work with the solidity of the front. So I wove beaded patches and stitched them together, then sewed them onto the back. They needed to be patches because the odd shape of the piece made it impossible to do a matching piece all in one.

Three Netted Stones - back view

Three Netted Stones – back view

It’s heavy but worth the weight… 😉