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I finished beading the mask. To make it curve around the face I stitched floral wire around the inside edge. I am going to glue it down as well.

Mask - Beadwork Done

Mask – Beadwork Done

The next step is to make a backing for it. I have some beautiful soft black fabric to sew on the back, but FIRST I have to add a stick. It’s going to be one of those masks you hold up in front of your face. The beading makes it a little heavy to be tied on.

The stick is a dowel that I will paint and attach before I sew the black backing on. I left a bit of wire to wrap around the stick, then I will hot glue it.

Finally I will decorate the outer edge of the mask and put some embellishment (probably ribbons, but maybe more) on the stick.

I think it’s going to be fabulous!